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You cant go to your desired future living in the emotion of your past.

Joe Dispenza

Do you feel overwhelm by your own desire and drive, so much as you dont move towards what you really want – your dreams?

What would happen in your life if you are provided with Courage to be who you want to be? What actions would you take?

Do you suffer from pain in your body or had some trauma, grief, schock or stress. Are you feeling stucked everytime you try to move forward towards your desire?

Is something holding you back?

Do you want to raise your standards even higher, as you become more of your true self and raise your wanted expressions?

Then you are on the right place – right now.

Enter the creative field of Energy

You are one big source of energy. Energy is always moving, and therefore we want to be that movement. We all have some experiences in our life, that has stored dense energy in our nervesystem and body. Thats our Trauma, believes, grief, stress or shock. Your body remembers, and when you later on want to create and live your dream, your body will hold you back in that paradigm, that often unconscious belief.

Your nervesystem is the CEO of the body. And you need to release that stucked energy before you can enter the creative field of Energy.


What an amazing experience in just a few sessions an incredibel change. She released a lot of things from the past, especially from early childhood yhat I wasn’t even aware of and thus probably wouldn’t change otherwise. I always unconciosly lowered my energy to “fit in” . but since a week I can consciously raise my energy. Released the shadow and am more than ready to stand in the light and attract the abundance in every part of my life. Kind Regards,

My experience with Mette was incredible. 2 days after our very first meeting things in my life began to improve drastically.! She removed a tremendeos block that had held me back all my life- due to a trauma. Everything she “saw” was perfectly in line with events in my life. My life has continued to progress in amazing ways because of the miracles that have come as a results of my time working with Mette.

Mette was such a pleasure to work with. She came into my life at the perfect time I needed assistance and helped me work through things I wasn’t even consciously aware of. I appreciate the sessions we had together and the contribution she has made on my healing journey. I am truly gratefull, thank you Mette. Sending you so much light and love.

Mette, I want to share my gratitude once more as being with you, that left a wonderfull and a hugde mark on my path. Mette is so kind generous and elevated me to a new mind. Even today I was able to tap into her energy and felt the immense speed of my own energy. It was humbling and I saw and felt things I never had seen or felt before. Thank you and lots of love.

I have been working on my energy meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza which I learned from his videos and Itune recordings. And the energy always felt stuck around my solar plexus. So when he announced the retreats in Europe I immediately booked them. But thanks to Covid, I had to cancel them all.

I was very disappointed that I could not get through the solar plexus for a long time. A few months later, I met Mette April Wassinger through a friend´s introduction. We had a few sessions over Zoom and I followed her recordings since and now I feel the energy is moving through all the energy centers. Unlike the retreats where loads of people are, I get the full attention of Mette too.

Now I know that I was meant to meet and work with Mette instead of going to Dr.Joe´s retreat. I am very Grateful.

Annette Draper, Oregon USA

I offer

Energy treatment like a massage from the inside.

I have a long experience working with nervesystem and body with very high frequency energy levels. During our session, I see the energy that is stored in your bodysystem and release it. We release your blockings and the low frequency, making space for the high frequency as you are born as.

Energy moves through your nerveoussystem, and when I am working with high frequency through your body, it will find blockings and reorganize it into balance.

I have the ability to see the information in your blockings and traumas. During a session, you will enter a state of divine receiving. I call it the Sweet spot where you feel connected to the high frequency energy, were your body can heal and your future will raise even further as your truth.

That energy is releasing oxytosin (Love Chemicals) through your entire body and you are going to feel love in every cell of your body. At this state of mind you will be conscious and aware of your dreams. You will experience synchronities, like new opportunies, better solutions, ideas, spontaneous easy feeling and tremendeos beauty and love around you.

Never be alone with your biggest dreams. Lift your actions to the high frequency and ask for support. It is there for you

Mette April Wassinger

The Practical

This is a 1 ½ hour session online on Zoom. All you need is your phone or computer, earplugs and a silent place to sit up or lay down.

will also create your own  private energy meditation adjusted to your call.

I recommend to record the session because there will be some knowledge you will understand afterwards hearing.

Price pr. session 300 USD incl.fee.
(VAT is not charged for private but must be added to companies)

Book a session

Reach me on phone  +45  21251320 or get in contact by messenger or email me directly and I will return your request as soon as possible.

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